Are you ready to Take A Shot Online?

First thing I want everyone to know is having a website isn't expensive.

The mission of Take A Shot Online is to provide an inexpensive alternative for website design and maintenance giving
small business, non-profits, and individuals an alternative to pricier products and gives clients ownership to their piece of "online property."

Do I need to be online?
    The answer is yes; who uses the yellow pages now and days?  If you can't be found online or on a map search then you're missing out on new customers daily.

I have a Facebook page, G+, and Twitter, isn't that enough?
    Are you truly using them properly to promote your business?  One thing to keep in mind is that plenty of mobile phone users don't use Facebook or social media in general; they use their phone to search for a nearby business and those results are usually limited to webpages.

Other online companies pricing start at $1.00 a month, why should I go with Take A Shot Online?
    Most other companies have an initial price that significantly increases after the "trial period."  You also get what you pay for, which means the other companies will restrict what you can do to your website unless you pay more.  Finally, I do all the work for you; all I'll ask from you is the domain name you'd like, any specific photos to include, and descriptional details about your business or organization to fill in your website.

Take A Shot Online pricing starts at a little more than $250.00* and includes purchasing the domain, web hosting, web design tool, personalized email address, and at least one web page; there may be additional services based on the client you and Take A Shot Online agree on.  For example, to create a site similar to this one, it would run about $550.00* to get it online for a year and then renewal is about $80.00* for a year.

If you're ready to start your business or make it grow by having an online presence please contact Ben Acovio.  If you already have an established site and need minor assistance or training, I offer those services as well.

Thank you for visiting Take A Shot Online.

*actual price is dependent on domain name and company selected for web hosting; additional services may be included